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Mine & Civil Services

Whether or not its maintenance, grading, site cleaning services or stockpile management, our team has the equipment and expertise to manage your onsite services. 


Rentals and Hire

We offer a vast range of site specific equipment specifically tailored for the mining and construction sectors, available as both wet or dry hire depending on your requirements.

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Transports Services

We can facilitate the transport of plant and machinery through our transport services including bulk haulage, freight, float services ranging from Perth to remote areas.

If you are interested in our full capability please download our capability statement. 

A Traditional Owner Indigenous business dedicated to delivering project solutions for the mine, civil and transport sectors focused on safety, systems and training. 


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Project Snap Shot


Delivery of crushing and screening contract of 1.7million tones of road building materials to main roads specification or a Great Northern Highway overpass, encompassing the supply of a range of equipment. We mobilised to a remote location in the Pilbara using our internal transport division encompassing multiple quad floats and drop decks. This project required detailed Traffic Management Plans as it required vehicles and trucks to be entering and exiting Main Roads. Our operators are multiskilled to operate our entire fleet and hold traffic management qualifications though our award-winning training division.


Safety was our main focus, as the pit was congested with mobile plant interaction, so our HSE Coordinator spent considerable time on site ensuring the CRAW, SWI, SWMS and JHA were followed and executed to our high standard. Our management team aspires to visibly see what is written in all safety documentation and ensure it is delivered on site on a daily basis. This project was so remote we had no phone coverage and the site office needed to run of star link.


Our supervisors on this project have considerable experience working in remote conditions and the additional mental health responsibility that goes with this to ensure we manage our workforce efficiently.


Project Snap Shot


We have recently sent an industrial clean-up crew to one of our clients, this has included the hire of 3 skid steers, we have worked closely with the client to ensure their needs are met.  This is a challenging job as traditional skid steers are too large for the tight access, another challenge our client was facing was constant flat tyres on the machines.  We managed  to source two new small tracked skid steers as well as offering our full mechanical services to our client.  We are also supplying 6 people on a rolling roster to operate our machinery as well as labourers.  

We managed to provide what our client wanted in a short timeframe considering all the challenges associated with this market.

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Project Snap Shot

Gnowangerup Shoulder Widening

The Shire of Gnowangerup called for a low cost approach to widen the existing seal width from 3.3m to 3.6m and provide a 1m sealed shoulder as well as install an Audible Edge line.

To be low cost the methodology they requested was to utilise the existing material on the shoulders, bring it up with the grader and only use a minimal amount of top up materials.

This was a particular challenge due to the existing road not being uniform and there being wheel ruts where we had to marry the seal in, as well as the amount of import material being restricted.

However we got the job done in a safe and timely fashion achieving our goal for the project of zero incidents.   

Project Value $900,000.00

Females Employed: 2

Indigenous Employed: 2

Qualifications Provided: 8

Direct spend in the town of Gnowngerup $180,000.00

Glenn Rush
Owner & Director

Glenn Rush is a Nyamal man from the Pilbara who lives in Port Hedland, Western Australia. A Proud football player, Glenn is also the owner of Jakarli Group, a 100% Nyamal-directed business That provides earth-moving equipment solutions. 

As Director and owner of EK Contracting, Glenn brings his knowledge of cultural protocols and connection to the country to service the Pilbara and Metropolitan areas, offering our clients a range of services such as labor hire, equipment hire, advisory, and consultation.

Glenn actively promotes and advances reconciliation through social justice and equity opportunities. He works hard to make a difference for indigenous people and returns to the country to share messages of health, well-being, leadership, courage, and education, which is his way of giving back and encouraging the next generation.

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Anthony Martin
Indigenous Owner 

Anthony Martin is a proud Kitja Man from the East Kimberley region. He has been in mining and civil works for over 26 years in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. Anthony represented Australia in weightlifting at the Sydney Olympics. 


At EK Contracting, family is a core value, and Anthony shares his love for camping and the outdoors with his young sons. He has vast experience in mining and civil works and has positioned EK Contracting to have a joint venture with Consolidated Group. This strategic partnership allows us to offer a fleet of over 200 machines, making us a one-stop shop for all your project and site needs. Our fleet is serviced by our team of expert mechanics, ensuring that they perform at their peak. We also provide training for all the machinery in our fleet and have long-haul trucks to move them to your site. 


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Kate Tsorvas 
Owner & Director 

Kate Tsorvas, the Owner and Director of EK Contracting, was born and raised in the red Pilbara dirt. A qualified teacher with extensive experience in Indigenous training and recruitment, Kate ensures EK maintains safety compliance and training during our rapid growth. This results in our clients and partners receiving professional and safe project delivery.

Kate taught in Port Hedland for many years, working with the local Indigenous community. She recently started a Sandon WA non-profit to advocate for Training and Career Progression for Indigenous People, Female Management, and Students in the mine and civil sectors. Sandon WA is a tribute to Kate's two young sons, full of energy, possibility, and potential. She hopes Sandon WA will offer guidance and training programs for years so everyone can be their best version. 

Kate is dedicated to solving problems and simplifying things with new thinking in diversified services. She is passionate about advocating for Indigenous employment, training and career progression. 

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call Kate Tsorvas 0487 337 424 or fill out the following form and we will be in touch. Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram. 

Office Locations

Hedland Office & Yard 

24 Moorambine St, Wedgefield, WA, 6721

Perth Office & Yard 

101 Phillips Road, Wattelup, WA, 6166

Tel: 0487 337 424

ABN: 55 631 512 457

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